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  1. Sherlock Holmes invited Dr Watson to solve a murder case in Boscombe Valley.
  2. Charles McCarthy was found dead by his son, James McCarthy who was later accused of killing his own father.
  3. Moran,  the gamekeeper saw both, James and Charles on the path to Boscombe Pool while his 14-year-old daughter saw them arguing.
  4. During the trial, James mentioned hearing his father cried ‘Cooee’ and quickly ran towards him.
  5. He found his father on the ground and his father’s last word was ‘Raat’.
  6. When the judge asked what they were arguing about, he refused to reveal it and he also mentioned a grey coat.

Rising Action

  1. At the hotel, Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson and Inspector Lestrade met Alice Turner, who believes that James McCarthy is innocent.
  2. Her father, John Turner and Charles McCarthy were friends when they were back in Australia.
  3. Alice revealed that the argument was about her. Charles wanted James to marryAlice but James refused as he is still too young. Her father totally disapproves of them getting married.
  4. When they wanted to see her father, she told them that her father is very ill and was shocked about  the murder.
  5. Sherlock Holmes visited James in the prison and James told him that he is married.
  6. Sherlock Holmes went to Boscombe Pool to collect evidence.
  7. He followed the footprints and found the murder weapon which still has blood on it.
  8. He revealed the murderer is a tall man, left-handed and limps on his right leg. He wore heavy boots and smokes Indian cigars.


  1. At the hotel, Sherlock Holmes explained his findings to Dr Watson  that ‘Cooee’ is an Australian word and only recognised by  Australian and ‘Raat’ is actually a place in Australia, Ballarat.
  2. The footprints he found have limps, a heavy-toed boots, the type worn in Australian bush.
  3. The murderer is also left-handed as he hit Charles on the left side of the head.
  4. He also found ashes of Indian cigar where only a rich person could afford it.

Falling Action

  1. Responding to Sherlock Holmes letter, John Turner went to his house and later confessed to killing Charles.
  2. He explained that he was before known as Black Jack of Ballarat and did things he wasn’t proud of.
  3. He moved to England and turned a new leaf. He is a well and respected person in Boscombe Valley until he met Charles McCarthy 20 years ago and he was blackmailed by him since then.
  4. Sherlock Holmes asked him to write a confession letter to be used if James is found guilty. Otherwise, he will destroy the letter.


  1. Seven months later, John Turner passed away.
  2. James and Alice got married and Sherlock Holmes kept his promise and destroyed the confession letter.

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