Wednesday, 13 June 2012

IDIOMS : Its meaning and uses...

pink Idioms
in the pink (of condition) 
Meaning   :  in very good health
Use           : My grandmother was in the pink of condition when I saw her.

look at/see the world through rose-colored glasses
Meaning   : to see only the good things about something, to be too 
Use           : My friend always looks at the world through rose-colored   
                    glasses and he does not believe that some people are    

pink slip
Meaning    : a termination notice from a job
Use            : I received my pink slip last week and I am now looking for a 
                     new job.

see pink elephants
Meaning    : to see things which are not really there because they are only 
                     in your imagination
Use            : The man was seeing pink elephants according to those who 
                      listened to his story.

tickled pink
Meaning    : to be very pleased or delighted by someone or something
Use            : "My mother was tickled pink that you visited her when you 
                      were in town."

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